The Ringwood RS-3000 Starch Mixing System

Years of Ringwood experience and customer iput from around the world led to the development of the RS-3000, the new world standard for starch mixing systems. Today’s corrugators have to produce more than ever before with increasing quality requirements. This new reality has increased the need for corrugated adhesive that is extremely high performing, consistent and repeatable. The RS-3000 produces the world’s most consistent starch adhesive.

High Shear

All our systems are based on the concept of high shear. High shear is the process of adding extreme agitation to eliminate the “false initial viscosity” that’s routinely found with Stein-Hall adhesives. The RS-3000 eliminates false readings.



The RS-3000 receives a signal from the adhesive storage tank indicating that a new batch is needed. The system will then automatically add batch ingredients and mix a new batch. The adhesive is then transferred to the proper storage tank.



Post Dilute Caustic Addition
Lower gel temperature without sacrificing stability

Added by weight for batch precision and reliability
Better accuracy

Borax Cover Proximity Switch
Eliminates operator errors



Allen-Bradley CompacLogix
The finest controls available
High level math for accuracy and flexible batch sequencing

Pearl Starch Added with VFD Driven Auger
Precise starch addition

24 VDC Control
Voltage to meet the latest safety standards

On-Screen System Diagnostics
Remote customer support via Ethernet
32 formula memory (on systems with remote computer operation)

Allen-Bradley Color PanelView Plus
Dependable Allen-Bradley operation
NEMA 4 for wash-up

Flexible Batch Sequencing
Accommodates multiple starch suppliers and future changes

Second PLC for Manual Operation
Gives your operator complete control for any unusual adjustments

Elevated Load Cells
Easier access
Out of wash-up areas



Stainless Steel Frame and Decking
Only stainless steel can handle the harsh conditions in boxplants
Years of rugged reliability

Skid Mounted System
Pre-wired and tested for trouble-free start-up



400 Gallon Stainless Steel Mixer
Optimum batch size for most installations.
Configured for easy clean-up

Flush Mounted Valves
Eliminates build-up points

High Shear Mixer
Most efficient mixer available
Fewer moving parts
Lower energy consumption ($5 – 7,000 average annual savings)

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